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Lure coursing leads are a recent addition to our handmade product line and one that was never even contemplated until we received a number of requests from customers who loved our Jacquard ribbon clip collars and velvet-lined martingales and wanted their lure courser(s) to go to the starting line with the same style.  

Lure coursing leads are designed to easily slip from the courser's neck when the hunt master calls Tally Ho.  

The collar portion of the slip lead should be several inches smaller than your dog's neck circumference and will not go completely around the dog's neck.  While these leads are strong, they are not intended to be used for everyday walking.


Like our wide martingales, our lure coursing slip leads feature seatbelt webbing sandwiched between any of our 1-1/2 or 2 inch wide Jacquard ribbons and a velvet lining.  They can be made to fit any neck size and feature a 5 foot lead unless another length is requested.  We have found that the length of the collar portion of the lead is a matter of preference rather than a standard among lure coursers, but we have been told by a number of folks that an 11 inch collar works for most Whippets and Basenjis while a13 inch collar portion works for most Afghans, Ibizan Hounds, Greyhounds, Pharaoh Hounds and Salukis.  A 16 inch collar portion reportedly works for most Ridgebacks, Wolfhounds and Borzoi.  That said, we can make lure coursing leads in any size.

We have also been asked to make lure coursing leads for Italian Greyhounds and a few other small breeds and we are happy to do so.  Lure coursing leads for these breeds normally have a 1 inch wide collar portion made from lightweight yet strong nylon webbing sandwiched between any of our 1 inch wide ribbons and velvet lining.  The lead portion can be made from 1 inch wide soft tubular nylon or the same lightweight nylon webbing used in the collar portion.  


On the suggestion of an experienced lure courser, we also offer an adjustable lure coursing slip lead to allow someone to use the same lead on dogs of somewhat different sizes.  We have a few lure coursing leads already made and available for sale below, but coursers are free to pick their own ribbon and collar size for a totally custom Lure Coursing Lead.  Go to our Wide Martingales page to see all of our 1-12 and 2 inch wide Jacquard ribbons.

Contact us if you see a ribbon that you like on one of our 1-1/2 inch or 2 inch wide Martingales that is not shown below.  We will be happy to a custom sized, velvet-lined Lure Coursing Lead for you.  To order please let us know the circumference of your dog's neck where the collar normally sits.  You can also measure your dog's collar and give us that measurement. As with anything we sell, custom orders are dependent on ribbon availability.

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