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Wide Dogonista Clip Collars are 1-1/2 inches wide, and like our narrower clip collars feature a variety of elegant Jacquard ribbons, many of which are available in several colors. Most of our 1-1/2 inch wide ribbons are used to make our velvet-lined Martingales, but some people prefer a wide clip collar over a Martingale, and we are happy to accommodate that preference.  The wide clip collars currently in stock are shown below, but most wide clip collars require a special order.  If you don't see the ribbon you want or the size you need on a wide clip collar pictured below, simply Contact Us and we will be happy to make a wide clip collar in the ribbon and size you need.   Velvet lining is available for an extra charge.

Our wide clip collars are constructed of Jacquard ribbon over flat nylon webbing or seatbelt webbing with a sturdy black plastic side release buckle and metal D ring in a color (brass or nickel/chrome) that compliments the ribbon used.  We prefer seatbelt webbing for our wide clip collars because it is lighter weight than flat nylon webbing, yet stronger.  It allows us to eliminating excess bulk without sacrificing the necessary strength to restrain your dog.  


Please note that ribbons are only manufactured in the width indicated.  Also, some of our ribbons have been discontinued.  Collars in those ribbons are either limited to collars already in stock or to quantities sufficient for only a few custom orders.

All of our clip collars are adjustable and hand washable. See Frequently Asked Questions for information on washing your collar.

Information about how to determine the right size collar for your dog can be found below, but feel free to contact us with questions.  We are happy to help.

HOW TO MEASURE: measure around the middle of your dog's neck (about halfway between the jawbone and the collar bone). Please note that a properly fitted collar requires room for a least two fingers to slip easily between the collar and the dog's neck.  All of our collars are adjustable, so choose a size that gives you room to either make the collar a little smaller or a little larger.  As an example, if your dog has a 12" neck, we recommend that your best option is a medium (12"-15") because it gives you room to adjust for comfort and/or in the event of growth or weight gain. If you want less room to grow, we can make you a custom size in your chosen ribbon (if available). Simply contact us and we can make a custom sized clip collar for your dog.

Finally, two safety comments.  

First, if your LARGE dog lunges when on leash, please note that our supplier reports that the cast D rings we normally use on our clip collars can occasionally break when placed under great stress due to lunging by heavier dogs.  We have never received such a report from one of our customers, but if your larger fur baby lunges (as our Rhodesian Ridgebacks often did when confronted by the temptation of "prey" to chase), please let us know and we will make you a collar using a welded D ring.  We don't think that the shape of the welded D ring is as aesthetically pleasing as the cast D ring, but safety must come before aesthetics.

Secondly, collar safety is YOUR responsibility! Please inspect your collar(s) regularly for any wear and tear that might compromise it's strength or safety, and please do not ever leave your dog tied up as strangulation can occur in certain circumstances.​

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