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Every stock dog drool bib currently in our inventory is shown here.  What you see is exactly what you will receive. Please keep in mind that colors can appear somewhat differently on different screens.

We have over 300 stock bib designs and make our bibs one at a time rather than stocking several identical bibs.  We may have more than one bib with a particular design in stock, but each bib is distinctive. 

We are constantly making bibs to replace those sold and adding other bib designs to our inventory.  Bibs marked SOLD will be replaced as quickly as possible, but the replacement may feature a different terry cloth/trim combination.  


Many designs can be embroidered on different size bibs.  If the bib you want is not shown in the size or color you want, please Contact Us. We are happy to make it in a different color (depending on terry cloth and trim availability), and in most instances, can make it in a different size.  There is no additional charge for ordering a stock design in a different size.  The cost will be the same as other stock bibs in that size. Orders will be completed in the order received. Please allow up to three (3) weeks for completion of any stock bib design not in our inventory.

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