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When it comes to describing our products, customer service and attention to detail, hear it from our customers. These are just a few of the many wonderful reviews we've received from our customers over our 14 years in business on the dog show circuit.


Just wanted to let you know that Harry wore his bibs this past weekend and they worked perfectly!! Lots and lots of great responses.  
Again, just LOVE the bibs. Both Harry and I thank you.

Jody D.

Shinji strong drool game.jpg

We love the bibs!! They are perfect for Shinji. 🐾

Courtney W.


Everyone LOVES Norm's bib.  We probably had 100 compliments on it during Rose City.  Sent them all your way!

Dori B.



Velma (right) is getting TONS of admiration for the collars we got at the show. I hope you got the Photos I sent of her and Buddy  modeling them in both Palm Springs and in San Francisco. I hope that you will use them on your FaceBook and other social media advertising.

Christopher E. 


celestial jacket.jpg

My collar arrived some time ago and it's beautiful.  As with the other one, I get so many compliments and people ask where it was purchased.  One person said she'd never seen such a pretty collar.  Raini (my Doberman) and I love it.

Martha M.

I am absolutely thrilled with my gorgeous jacket! It is really

Smashing, and my daughter who helped with the thread selections thinks it's perfect, too.  You have done a really super job. …..It's much cuter and more magical on the jacket than it was in the picture. The smiles and expressions on the sun and the moon are utterly captivating and the dabs of color in the stars and tiny circles of color add a great boost to the whole design, as do the lovely swirls that frame the design. The colors of the fiery sun are nifty! The stitch work is so accurate and the positioning of the whole design on the jacket is just right.….. I am so impressed with how long and hard you worked on it and I only wish your customers could see it! Thank you so very much, it is lovely beyond anything I expected!

Christiana T.

TailFeather Shorthairs.jpg

This is just a note to say THANK YOU !!!!  I was really feeling bad about the money I had splurged on myself, until my jacket arrived.  I am absolutely stunned !!!  This jacket that you produced is perfect.  You made a promise, and you more than delivered.  If you ever need a reference please feel free to use me.  I even took a picture of the back and made it my computer background.  Thanks again, you will be hearing from me in the future.

Todd T.
Tailfeather Shorthairs

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