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Why Buy a Dogonista by Vanity Threads bib?

There are a number of dog drool bib makers out there, but we have been repeatedly told by our customers that ours are "the best."  Dogonista drool bibs feature a large variety of stock designs and messages, and most messages are available in more than one size. All Dogonista bibs are handmade from double layered PRESHRUNK terry cloth and PRESHRUNK handmade cotton trim and neck casings intentionally made slightly bigger than common neck sizes to allow a bit of "breathing room" and avoid crushing neck fur in longer haired dogs.  Bib designs are machine embroidered prior to bib assembly so that no stitching shows on the reverse side. The color of terry cloth and complimentary cotton borders/casings varies and is dependent on fabric availability. Our embroidery is always top quality with clear, crisp designs and text, and our bibs feature far more embroidery than those of most of our competitors.  In addition to using 2-3 layers of backing for better quality embroidery, we use a water soluble topping to prevent the stitches from sinking into the terry cloth.  We remove as much topping as we can, but some may remain in those spots where the risk of snagging is high.  Please be assured that any residual topping will disappear with the first washing.



We make five (5) standard bib sizes, but we've learned over the years that parents of drooly dogs, especially BIG drooly dogs, have very different opinions about the correct size bib for their furry drool machines.  


EXTRA SMALL (XS) bibs measure approximately 6-1/2" (L) x 9-1/2" (W) and feature an easy on and off elastic neck band suitable for ­­­­­16" to 22" necks*. This size works well on a variety of shorter breeds (Basset Hound, Bulldog, Clumber Spaniel, etc.)  However, we've even had a not very drooly Newf choose one.


Kelly (pictured below) is the first Newf to wear an EXTRA SMALL bib. Mom says that Kelly is not a big drooler so she just wants to cover the area directly below her lower jaw. Whatever the reason, Kelly wears it well.



SMALL bibs have a drool area of approx.8-3/4" (L) x 13" (W) and feature an easy on and off elastic  neck band suitable for ­­­­­16" to 24" necks*.  This size works well for smaller dogs, puppies and more petite large breed adults.


Can GCh Ococee Fancy Boy With Magic Wishes Can CGN CDX RE Am CDX RE" aka "Zhuby" models his custom made SMALL Dogonista bib. He was the only English Springer Spaniel and probably the only non-Newfie entered in a drafting event.





MEDIUM bibs  have a drool area of approx. 9-1/2" (L) x 14-1/2" (W)  and feature an easy on and off elastic neck band suitable for 18" to 25" necks*.


Echo, on the left, is a very handsome and loving boy and a repeat customer. He is not a small Newf, but wears his MEDIUM "Go Big or Go Home" bib well.

On the right, GCHS CH Tierra Del Mar’s Magestic Rainbow CGC aka Roxi, a beautiful brunette, models the MEDIUM bib we made her several years ago, confirming her Mom's statement that our bibs last a long time. 




LARGE WALKING bibs (our most popular size) have a drool area of approx. 10-1/2" (L) x 15-1/4" (W) and feature an easy on and off elastic neck band suitable for 25" to 30" necks*. A Large Walking bib is simply a Large bib made about 2-1/2 inches shorter than a Large.  Customers found that this size proved to be better for those dogs who spend all their time with their noses on the ground because they stepped on the longer LARGE size. This size fits large and giant breed dogs. 

Avalon Bey's Because I Said So, RN, CGCA, CGCU, TKN aka "Cess" models her LARGE WALKING bib to let everyone know where she stands.





LARGE bibs are simply a bit longer than the Large Walking Bib and have a drool area of approximately 13" (L) x 15-1/4" (W) and feature an easy on and off elastic neck band suitable for 25" to 30 necks*.  They work well for both giant and taller dogs such as Great Danes, or simply because the owner prefers the extra length. 

GCH Nakiska's I Will Remember You CGC aka "Jackson" wears his LARGE bib with style.  He is clearly a gentle soul with an adorable face, and has fathered some really awesome offspring.







         To ensure a good fitting bib, please measure your dog's neck and chest and compare with our bib size       

         dimensions above before ordering. *Neck elastic can be adjusted if necessary.


          See our current stock of bibs available for immediate shipment on the All Breed Bibs, Breed Specific Bibs and

          Holiday & Special Occasion Bib pages.

          We also offer custom bib designs in all sizes.  See our Custom Bib Page for more information.


All our drool bibs are machine washable and dryable. We recommend a cool wash and low heat drying cycle.  ​When laundering your bib(s) remember that the three greatest risks to embroidery are snagging, chlorine bleach and hot irons which can melt polyester thread. Never wash embroidered items with bras or any other item that has hooks, zippers or anything else that could snag the embroidery. (We often use a lingerie bag to protect embroidered items from other garments.)  Dogonista bibs are made to last through many washings, but we cannot be not responsible for your laundry technique.


Returns cannot be accepted for damaged bibs as a result of a dog tugging on their bib and ripping it, scratching at their bib and ripping it or snagging the embroidery, or another dog pulling on the bib and ripping it.  This is beyond what the bibs were designed to do.  For this reason, you should not leave a bib on an unsupervised dog.  


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