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Needlework has been represented in and throughout history in one form or other. Once the exclusive property of the rich and powerful, machine embroidery has brought needle art a long way from its ancient roots, and has made it possible to produce detailed and varied needle art at an affordable price. 


That said, computers and modern commercial embroidery machines do not make embroidery effortless and automatic.  Embroidery machines do not digitize designs (the process of turning photos or artwork into stitches), program the design to be sewn, choose thread colors, thread themselves, hoop the item to be embroidered, place the item on the machine and properly position it, trim the sewn design, etc. In fact, the only time that machine embroidery is "automatic" is from the time that the operator presses "START" until the machine finishes sewing out the programmed design, assuming that there are no thread breaks or other complications.  Everything before and after requires a human to do the work.  We sew at an average speed of 800-1000 stitches per minute to insure stitch quality and lessen thread breaks, meaning that a simple “braggin’ rights” sweatshirt with a title and four names takes at least 15 minutes to sew out.  More intricate designs can take 30 – 45 minutes or more.  Jacket backs designs can require multiple hoopings and several hours of stitching. All the other steps in the process of turning photos or artwork into embroidery take time and work too. Unlike mass produced embroidery, custom embroidery is not a high production activity.  It is, however, very flexible and is a rich, impressive and innovative form of personal expression.  


So how is embroidery priced?  Embroidery is priced according to the number of stitches in the embroidered design. The larger and more stitch intensive the design, the higher the cost.   


We embroider a variety of apparel and accessory items, but have always specialized in offering quality outerwear, vests and jackets. 

The 3 embroidered garments shown below are some of our favorite showpieces and are on sale for 25% off. Additional garments and embroidery designs are coming soon.

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