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It is impossible to create a drool bib inventory with all the possibilities for text, designs, colors and sizes.  For that reason we do offer customers the option to create CUSTOM bibs.  You choose the text and/or design, the terry and trim color, and the size.  Then, we create it for you. As with our stock bibs, both terry cloth colors and cotton trims depend on availability.  Please be aware that the supply chain disruptions caused by the world-wide pandemic have made it difficult or even impossible for us to source quality terry cloth in some colors. 


Custom bibs normally feature an easy on and off elastic neck band sized to fit your dog's neck measurement, and include up to 25,000 stitches of embroidery.  Custom bibs are normally the same price as stock bibs of the same size plus a design fee (normally $5-$15) for creating a custom bib to the customer's specifications.  Custom bibs with complex designs may exceed 25,000 stitches and will be priced accordingly. 

Please be aware that bib size determines what text and/or design is possible.  We will let you know if we feel that what you have requested is not workable on the bib size requested.

It is our practice to send a digital mock-up of your proposed design prior to embroidering each custom order.  We complete custom bib orders in the order received, and attempt to complete all custom orders in three (3) weeks or less.  Please be aware that change requests and any delay in approving mock-ups may delay shipment.  We will e-mail you to keep you apprised of the status of your custom order if there are any unexpected delays.

Please note that a stock bib design requested in a different size or color scheme is NOT priced as a custom bib, but as with custom bibs, will require up to 3 weeks for us to complete.   

To order a custom bib, please Contact Us.

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