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Custom Clip Collars, Martingales and Lure Coursing Leads are also available.  If you want a martingale using a ribbon only shown on clip collars, or a clip collar using a ribbon only shown on martingales, or you need a size not offered or an in-between size, we can make what you want or need with a special order.

To order a custom sized clip collar, a velvet lined clip collar, a custom size velvet lined martingale, a martingale without velvet lining or a Lure Coursing Lead in any size using your choice of Jacquard ribbon, simply Contact Us and let us know what you would like.  In the vast majority of cases, custom collars, martingales and Lure Coursing Leads are the same price as stock items in the same size and width. As with anything we sell, custom ordered clip collars, martingales and Lure Coursing Leads are dependent on ribbon availability.  Please allow up to three (3) weeks for the completion of custom orders.

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